Pitch Us Something


We accept pitches for all of our sections.

For each one, our requirements and recommendations for pitching are a little different, however all pitches should be concise, direct, and show a clear outline or plan of what you intend to write. Overall, Hamburo uses a unique style and tone, and while we look for writers to contribute their own individual voice to the publication, it’s probably best if you familiarize yourself with our style before pitching. In all pitches, please also include a bit of information about yourself, including your writing background (writing samples are great) and why you’re qualified to write whatever you’re writing. We’ll still look at stuff if you don’t have formal writing experience, but it just helps give us some context.

Matjib Monthly

For Matjib Monthly, we pick a neighborhood for the month and then feature one matjib each Monday. If you have pitches for an entire monthly neighborhood, you'll need to pitch the four pieces that would be published about matjibs there. If you have a pitch for a piece about a matjib in a neighborhood we're already doing, please make sure it hasn't already been featured. While this section is necessarily formulaic, we'd love to see your individual style and tone come through. Pitches should contain information about the place or places, what exactly you intend to say, the projected layout, and what makes your piece special. Please send all of that to matt@hamburo.com.


Features is where we most look for writer submissions. This is a place to be completely creative and talk about experiences, thoughts, or opinions you have about anything involving food. We want everything from a heavily researched examination of food trends in Korea, to a personal anecdote about the time you got drunk working at Everland, or whatever. What we don't want is lists of the hottest places, current food trends, or recipes. Please send us a short, concise pitch that includes the subject matter of your intended piece, how it will be laid out, why it's important, and how it will conclude. You can send all that to matt@hamburo.com.


We love recipe pitches. While we always welcome traditional Korean recipes, we like ones that have something special or unique about them, resulting in dishes that can’t be found anywhere else. We’ll take your own personal recipe, your brother-in-law’s restaurant’s recipe, your grandma’s recipe – just make sure whoever you got it from is cool with it, and most importantly, that it’s tried and tested. In your pitch, tell us not only what the recipe is, but a little about its importance, the story behind it, etc. Send that to matt@hamburo.com.

Cafe Guide

Each week we select three dope cafes at random to feature. We accept pitches for a whole weekly installation, or just one cafe to add to our list. While the blurb about each of the three cafes should be relatively short, we still want your own voice, and even short anecdotes, included to make the piece come alive. In your pitch, explain what makes the cafe(s) you selected special, unique, or just worth going to. Send that to matt@hamburo.com, please.

Fire Fridays

This is the section where we really have fun. If you have a pitch for a suljib to feature on a Fire Friday, please tell us the name of the place, why it's special, what you intend to say about it, and the kind of style you'll use. Because of the nature of the topic matter, we tend to look for pieces that are irreverent, fun, and bold. We also prefer suljibs that are unique either because of a menu offering, environment, theme, etc., but obviously the more one-of-a-kind a suljib is, the more your article stands out. Send that joint to matt@hamburo.com.


For any and all pitches, please put your name, and then “[whichever section] pitch” in the subject line. If we’re interested in your piece, we’ll be in touch shortly.

Much love,

Hamburo Editorial Team